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Supplementary English Language Activities

The Lana Learn team in Vietnam is using supplementary English language activities to foster an applied learning environment for students.

Lana Learn is currently implementing an English language training (ELT) program at military base Unit 871 in Hanoi, Vietnam. This program, funded by the US Air Force, supports Vietnam’s Ministry of National Defence. We are providing English courses to the Vietnam Armed Forces. The program mirrors English language training at the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) in San Antonio, Texas. Although our instructors use the American Language Course (ALC) curriculum and materials, a large part of the Lana Learn program relies on supplementary English language activities.

The ALC consists of 34 books divided into six levels. The books are comprised of different themes and topics, and instructors spend two weeks of instruction on each book. ALC materials include student and instructor texts, language lab activity books, and flash cards. Our goal is to improve the English abilities of our students using a holistic approach. Our team believes that applied practice is an integral part of language acquisition.

Book Projects

One of the supplements that is currently in the making are “Book Projects.” These are two-week comprehensive projects that will coincide with their respective books. Each project will require the use of vocabulary, grammar structures, functions, and skills from each book.

Students must research, plan, and create a video that meets the requirements of their specific topic. The instructors provide additional resources, worksheets, and a timeline to guide students through this process. Additional resources include samples, activities, and research articles. Although students will complete these projects primarily outside of the classroom, the instructors will provide them with additional time in the Language Lab for certain portions.

One of the classes is currently implementing this project under close guidance. This way, we can make any adjustments to the template before we create projects for the other books. Additionally, we are creating rubrics to go along with each level, so we can give students meaningful feedback and use data to drive program success.

So far, the students are enjoying the combination of English training and creativity. These projects will give the students an additional sense of ownership over their own education. We look forward to the continuation of these projects and the use of supplementary activities in the future.

supplementary English language materials
One of the topics from the Book 12 Project.
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