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In today’s digital economy, educational institutions lead in preparing the future workforce. Our training covers crucial skills like data science, programming, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and digital marketing. Lana prioritizes a strong digital setup following global standards. This involves secure networks against cyber threats, scalable systems for growing demands, and hands-on use of cloud solutions for better efficiency.

Lana cultivates essential skills for competitiveness in domestic and global markets. With technical training focused on achievement and innovation, Lana prepares emerging leaders for local innovation and global success. Our inclusive workforce development creates accessible, culturally relevant programs. Lana’s commitment to collaborative leadership empowers partners to be influential decision-makers in their communities and beyond.

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Participants gain the digital fluency required for success in the modern job market

Participants stay current with emerging technologies and entrepreneurial opportunitiesĀ allowing them to contribute to growth and competitiveness in their industries

We strategically utilize core technology and digital infrastructure support to impart essential IT competencies and foster a deep understanding of digital systems

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Case Study

Skills Bridge Program in Vietnam

In collaboration with the US Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City and AmCham Vietnam, Lana Learn has spearheaded the development and execution of the Skills Bridge program. This intensive 8-week initiative is designed to empower emerging professionals, particularly with a special emphasis on nurturing the next generation of female leaders. Participants delve into vital domains such as critical thinking and effective decision-making, personal growth and self-awareness, and honing essential communication skills. The program’s inaugural cohort was dedicated to fostering the growth of tomorrow’s women leaders.

  • 25 young professionals directly trained
  • 380,000+ participants reached through hybrid content delivery
  • 198,000+ attended virtual closing ceremony
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