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Language training for real-world application

Lana works with you to establish a streamlined process that provides intensive workforce learning. English language training is implemented to give students the necessary skills for real-world application and career development.

In addition to high-quality instruction, Lana provides curriculum development custom-fit to students’ needs. Lana tracks data throughout the duration of the program with regular student and class progress reports to make necessary adjustments and give clients meaningful reports.

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Language Training occurs with English speaking instructors in the classroom with students

You can expect regular evaluations of program health through student and class progress reports

Data-driven program adjustments are made as needed to reach comprehension goals

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Case Study

Vietnam Armed Forces English Language Training Program

Lana partnered with the Vietnam Ministry of National Defense to support their goal that 30% of the Vietnam Armed Forces should be able to converse in English by 2030.

We established a four-year pilot program with Unit 871 in Hanoi to grow students’ English comprehension skills. The English Language Training (ELT) program has demonstrated success in boosting students’ ALCPT scores, career readiness, and overall confidence in English language skills.

  • 71% of students achieved scores qualifying them for follow-on training in year 2
  • Second-Year cohort’s overall ALCPT scores increased by 32%
  • 360 students to be trained over 4 years
update from the field
Program update from the Lana Vietnam Team Lead

Emile Van Heerden | 13 Jan 2023

The team in Vietnam is making its way towards the halfway point of the pilot English language training program at Unit 871. As instructors have had ample opportunity to observe their students, they continue to make improvements to the overall program. These improvements include implementing digital learning resources to further support students. Platforms like Quill provide instructors with additional student data that gives them the ability to recognize areas of opportunity. They are then able to deliver targeted grammar and vocabulary practice to their students.

In addition to using these digital resources in the language lab, students are able to use platforms like Vocabulary.com on their mobile devices. The instructors and students alike are grateful for this enhanced learning experience.

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