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At Lana, we believe that nurturing educators is the foundation for nurturing future generations. Our teacher support revolves around robust professional development, cutting-edge resources, and personalized training. We equip educators with tools, knowledge, and a supportive community, fostering inspiration and confident leadership. Through tailored training and mentorship, we empower teachers to excel, ensuring exceptional educational experiences for their students.

Lana offers tailored programs designed to propel students towards their academic peak. Our expert academic support in vital subjects like reading, writing, and mathematics drives students to exceed their academic aspirations. Additionally, our personalized college and career readiness programs, including specialized standardized test prep, equip students with the edge needed to thrive in today’s competitive workforce.

Let's Work Together

We provide our partners with the tools and education resources needed to be successful in the classroom

Training sessions allow educators to enhance their skills delivering curriculum effectively

Continuous collection and analysis of student data allows us to provide catered content based on the specific needs of our partners

High-Impact Tutoring Initiative
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DC Public Schools SAT Prep Teacher Training

Lana has been in partnership with District of Columbia Public Schools since 2021, with the primary goal of equipping teachers across the district with the necessary tools to empower their students for success on the SAT exam. This collaboration places a strong emphasis on educational resources, curriculum integration, and data-driven assessment.

Lana’s comprehensive teacher training program is designed to cater to the diverse needs of schools, students, and educators. This initiative not only supports teachers through professional development, but also fosters a supportive learning environment for students within the district. 

  • 10+ schools supported
  • 90+ teachers trained
  • 1,000+ students served
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