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Vietnam American Language Course

Lana Learn begins the American Language Course in Hanoi with the goal of aligning instruction with real-world usage.

The Lana Learn team kicked off its Vietnam American Language Course on October 18, 2022. 20 initial students arrived at military base Unit 871 for English language training. Upon arrival, they completed a placement test to determine their current level of English comprehension.

After the student evaluations, the instructors separated them into two classes: Alpha and Bravo. Class Alpha began the American Language Course curriculum at the Elementary level, and Bravo began at the High Elementary level. Both classes are working hard to reach a level of English proficiency that will allow them to move onto the Defense Language Institute English Language Center for follow-on training courses.

Lana Learn’s goal is to not simply teach English, but to give the students time to practice and assimilate what they have learned in a way that aligns with real-world usage. Consequently, the instructors are on an intensive pace, covering one book every two weeks. Upon the completion of each book, the students take a book quiz to demonstrate their progress level. The instructors have already mentioned noticeable development in their students’ language aptitude and a positive attitude towards their improved scores.

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