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English Language Training Program Kicks Off

Lana Learn kicks off an English language training program for the Vietnamese armed forces in Hanoi.

Lana Learn’s English language training program at Unit 871 military base in Hanoi has officially kicked off with a bang. This program aims to support the Vietnam Ministry of National Defense’s goal that 30% of the Vietnam Armed Forces should be able to converse in English by 2030—no small order. This “steady state” program will contribute immensely to the US-Vietnam partnership and strategic goals in the coming years.

The students have been pulled from military bases around Vietnam to attend this program. They will spend the next six months at Unit 871 studying English full time with Lana Learn instructors. Their goal is to reach a level of English comprehension that will then allow them to move onto the Defense Language Institute English Language Center in San Antonio, Texas. There, they will study specialized English (e.g., aviation, maintenance, electronics, etc.) before continuing to follow-on training.

Our first group of students arrived on the base early on the morning of October 17th. The next day, all students joined the welcome ceremony with representatives from Unit 871, Lana Learn, and the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi. Afterwards, the students took a English comprehension placement test and got straight to work. We at Lana Learn strive to provide the best possible learning environment for each of our students and can’t wait to see them elevate their professional careers.

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