Lana Learn Language Lab

November 2, 2022

Lisa Garsson

The newly refurbished Lana Learn language lab is gives students the ability to practice listening skills vital to their success.

The American Language Course (ALC) students finally settled into the new Lana Learn language lab at Unit 871 in Hanoi. The team outfitted the newly updated space with the latest tech equipment to set students up for success. The language lab gives students the ability to practice listening skills that are vital to preparing for the English Comprehension Level (ECL) test. Students must reach a program-mandated minimum score on their ECL to move onto the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) for follow-on training.

In addition to equipment, Lana Learn was responsible for an entire room renovation that included reflooring, refurnishing the room, replacing the blinds, and a deep clean. Lana Learn partner and tech solutions company, OMT, assisted with the renovations and equipment installation. Next on the agenda is setting up Microsoft Education to ensure students are maximizing their learning experience.

Lana Learn Language Lab
Vietnam language lab
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