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English training course data demonstrates student growth

English training course students show notable growth throughout Lana’s 24-week intensive program in Vietnam.

As the team lead of the English Language Training (ELT) program in Vietnam, I am pleased to report on the progress of our current group of Vietnamese military officer students. Our program is a cornerstone of the bilateral relations between the US Air Force and the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense (MND). This initiative promotes the growth of English-speaking members of Vietnam’s armed forces, and we have reached a pivotal moment. Following the mid-term break in February, our 44 dedicated students have returned with renewed vigor to tackle the final phase of their 24-week intensive English training course.

Tailored Teaching Strategies

In recent months, our instructors have focused on strengthening their students’ speaking and listening skills, recognizing these as critical areas for Vietnamese learners. Our ELT instructors implement tailored teaching strategies, targeting specific challenges faced by students. These approaches have yielded notable improvements, particularly in communication skills vital for those who qualify for follow-on training (FOT) programs in the United States.

To maintain momentum for the remainder of the course, we’ve adopted industry best practices to ensure our students stay engaged:

  • Interactive Learning: We immerse students in English through practical role-plays and simulations. Instructors design these activities to reflect everyday situations, from scheduling a doctor’s visit to asking for directions. By actively engaging in these real-life scenarios, students are not only refining their conversational skills but also gaining the confidence to use English in practical, real-world applications.
  • Peer Collaboration: Facilitating study groups to foster peer support and collective problem-solving.
  • Progress Tracking: Utilizing listening and speaking activities after each unit to assess comprehension and provide immediate feedback to students.

As we move closer to the completion of this course, our focus is unwavering: to equip our students with the linguistic tools necessary for their roles in the armed forces and beyond. The dedication of our instructors and the resilience of our students promise a successful culmination to this term.


Class Alpha currently consists of 14 students. The average initial American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) score was 60 points and increased by 10 points to an average of 70 on the mid-term exam. All 14 students already qualify to write the English Comprehension Level (ECL) test that is necessary to enter FOT programs. Additionally, students have scored well on the last seven Book Quizzes with a class average of 93%. These are achievement tests that measure content retention.


Class Bravo consists of 15 students. The class’s average ALCPT score improved by 22% in the three months between the initial and mid-term exams. The initial average of 39 placed the class at a beginner level according to the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC), and about half of the class tested into the intermediate level with a score of 50 or higher. Class Bravo has scored a class average of 88% over the past seven Book Quizzes.


Class Charlie’s 15 students scored an average of 29 points on the initial ALCPT. They showed notable growth with a percentage increase of 60% and average score of 45 on the mid-term exam. The students have averaged 87% over the last seven Book Quizzes.

We extend our gratitude to our partners for their continued support. Together, we are not only teaching a language but also nurturing the communicators who will shape the future of our armed forces and international cooperation.

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