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Peer learning builds communication skills

Lana’s English Language Training instructors implement peer learning in the classroom to improve learning outcomes.

This March, our English language training (ELT) instructors in Vietnam are implementing peer learning strategies to reenergize students after the mid-term break. Peer learning is a collaborative educational method in which students learn from each other. This approach deepens comprehension and actively engages students. Currently, our students are working on creating and teaching mini grammar lessons. Not only are they diving deeper into each concept, but they are building up their arsenal of communication skills outside of the curriculum content.

The impact has permeated throughout the classroom with the average assessment score increasing by 10%. One student in particular, Lt Vũ Ngọc Anh, received a perfect score of 100% on the most recent test. This demonstrates a 30% increase on his previous score average of 77%. Moreover, he has gained confidence in the classroom. When given the opportunity to take ownership of his academic success, he took the grammatical bull by the horns.

The collaborative nature of this method facilitates sharing perspectives and insights. Additionally, students benefit from the immediate dialogue that follows each mini lesson. The “learners” ask questions, seek clarification, and provide feedback. The “teacher” answers questions, clarifies concepts, and responds to feedback. This exchange not only sharpens understanding but fosters a supportive learning environment. In addition to teaching English, one of our goals is to cultivate communication, collaboration, and leadership. We are excited to see the continued positive effects of this approach to learning.

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