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Initial testing results are promising for English language training students in Vietnam

The Lana Learn team in Vietnam welcomes a new cohort of students who show promising initial testing results.

The Lana Learn team in Vietnam began its third English Language Training (ELT) course on November 27th at Unit 871. This cohort of students included 44 military officers selected by Vietnam’s Ministry of National Defence (MND). This “steady state” program supports MoD’s goal that 30% of the Vietnam Armed Forces should be able to converse in English by 2030. By now, students are well into their new English language learning journey. Upon their arrival, our ELT instructors administered the American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) to place students into appropriate classes. The ALCPT is a DLIELC-produced assessment tool that measures English language proficiency. Students recently completed their first Book Quiz, and their initial testing results show a promising semester ahead.


Class Alpha currently consists of 14 students. The average initial ALCPT score was 60.2 with 12 students already qualifying to write the ECL and possibly move on to follow-on training. They started on Book 10 which is considered a high elementary level by DLIELC’s standards. Students displayed high scores on their first book quiz with a class average of 95.4%. You can read more about Class Alpha here.


Class Bravo consists of 15 students. The average class ALCPT score was 39.3, and they started the course on Book 6 which is considered elementary level by DLIELC’s standards. The class average was 87.5% on the first book quiz. You can read more about Class Bravo here.


Class Charlie has 15 students, and their average initial ALCPT score was 28.5. Students started at a beginner level with Book 4. Students scored a class average of 81.7% on the first Book Quiz.

It’s clear that although these initial book quiz scores are great, we still have a hard task ahead of us for this cohort of students. The team is eager to tackle challenges head-on, and we are excited to share future updates. We continue to appreciate all the support from our partners.  

The new cohort of students gathered for the Unit 871 Opening Ceremony on November 30, 2023.
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