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English proficiency test scores and student attitudes start the semester off with optimism

Students’ English proficiency test scores along with their eagerness to learn show promise for the new semester of English Language Training.

The third semester of Lana’s English Language Training (ELT) program in Vietnam kicked off November 27th. This cohort of students at Unit 871 includes 44 officers from different military bases around the country. ELT instructors divided the students into three classes based on their initial English proficiency level test scores. Instructor Cedric Chigome is the instructor for the mid-level class Bravo. They started at a beginner level with American Language Course (ALC) Book 6.

Initial Class Test Scores

Class Bravo is comprised of 15 students. The average American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) score was 39.3. According to the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC), the class is at a high elementary level of English proficiency. They recently took their first Book Quiz which are achievement tests that are given at the completion of each book every two weeks. The class average for the Book Quiz was 87.5%. Out of the 15 students, 11 students scored above 90%.

Student Notes

I have taken some time to share my initial observations on three of my students. Each student brings a unique set of strengths and challenges to the class. I am optimistic about their potential for growth and success in the course. 

Hoàng Văn Diện demonstrates a strong pre-taught understanding of grammar and exhibits good speaking skills. However, I have been tasked with keeping him engaged and focused on the lesson. While possessing some of the best English foundations in the class, he struggles with application. I believe that he will excel with the right motivation and a positive learning environment.

Nguyễn Đặng Phương Nam, on the other hand, faces significant language barriers, with minimal English proficiency. Despite this, he displays an unparalleled work ethic, relentless determination, and an unwavering commitment to doing his best, even in the face of daunting challenges. With his exceptional attitude, I am confident that he will make significant progress in the course. 

Lastly, Lê Quang Thái, an older student, arrived with a solid pre-existing understanding of English. Additionally, he displays a mature, well-organized approach to learning. He actively engages in the learning process, consistently asks insightful questions, and demonstrates a humble attitude in supporting his peers. His hardworking nature and systematic approach to his work lead me to believe that he has the potential to perform exceptionally well in the course. 

In conclusion, while each student possesses distinctive strengths and faces individual challenges, I am optimistic about their potential. With the right guidance and support, I am confident that all of my students will achieve their goals. I look forward to providing you with further updates on their progress as the course unfolds. 

ELT students, instructors, and representatives from the Office of Defense Cooperation at the Unit 871 ELT Opening Ceremony.
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