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Character development is apparent in students as a result of High-Impact Tutoring

High-impact tutoring in Washington, DC contributes to tremendous character development in students.

Lana Learn’s High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program at IDEA Public Charter School has played a vast part in students’ overall character growth this fall. This cohort has shown an increase in consistency which has led to higher attendance rates and character development.

HIT Coach Stedman Allen started the semester off with high hopes for his unknown participants at the time. Mr. Allen wanted to reach 90% of his 26-student cohort to go above or maintain an attendance record of 85% by December 31st. As a result of hard work, consistency, compassion, and a passion to create a positive paradigm shift in students’ attendance, Mr. Allen is on track to reach that goal going into the final week before the winter break.  

Program Impact

For the last two months, Mr. Allen has been intentional about forming organic relationships with students. From his perspective, forming real relationships is the starting block; it’s the foundation for student success. Mr. Allen has used student attendance data to prove this theory. Earlier this semester, he took some time to align his goals with the overall OSSE HIT initiative goals. These key performance indicators (KPIs) directly reflect the effectiveness of our tutoring services in enhancing students’ academic performance and overall learning experience.

He credits his attendance success to taking the time to not only help his participants with their course work but getting to know them on a personal level. Always leading with compassion, empathy, and love has made his job a lot easier for students to open up to him and apply themselves more inside the classroom.  

Mr. Allen makes sure to always bring snacks for the young men and women. He does not miss a day! He states that it’s bigger than just bringing the participants snacks. It’s more about intentionality, approach and mindset. “When students see my efforts to bring goodies, they understand that I came into the school with them on my mind.” This high level of selfishness and intentionality has also led to character development. Students are more inclined to focus and give their assignments all their effort. This is evident in the participants’ attendance, ability to preserve during challenging assignments, and the willingness to ask for help when they do not understand something.  

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