Impact Insights

An increase in consistency leads to students meeting attendance goals

HIT students at IDEA Public Charter School show an increase in consistency and the betterment of academic and personal success.

November has been a month of High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) students continuing to exceed expectations at IDEA Public Charter School. This month, students focused on the betterment of their academic and personal success. This means stretching themselves thin and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Most students in this cohort have shown an increase in consistency. They are taking the initiative to hand in quality work and are eager to show up for groups. They are actively participating and embracing the challenge of expanding their knowledge beyond the realm of regular class schedules. As a result, we met attendance goals with over 95% of students having attended 90% of scheduled sessions.

In addition, all HIT participants passed their English classes in the first quarter. This is a great stride for students. It exemplifies a shift in perspective; it shows a willingness to trust their instructor to deliver and lead from a place of empathy, compassion, and generosity.

Students have pushed to meet me halfway because I am willing to meet them wherever they are their academic journeys. This is partially because I speak to them like young adults no matter the situation. Additionally, I incentivize them for putting forth their best efforts even when they are unable to reach a desired goal. I have learned to give grace and empathize by sharing my own past experiences and lessons learned. I am proud to say that this cohort has grown to become a two-way street with both my students and me bringing our best to the table.

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