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High-Impact Tutoring coaches facilitate students exceeding expectations

Lana Learn HIT program coaches facilitate students exceeding expectations and stepping out of their comfort zones.

Now that the school year is in full swing, Lana Learn team members are settling into their routines as High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) coaches. Academic coach Stedman Allen recounts the past month at his partner school IDEA Public Charter School (PCS). He has been inspired by conversations with school staff and students to facilitate students exceeding expectations.

Exceeding Expectations

My first month as the HIT program coach for IDEA PCS has been phenomenal! I have taken the time to indoctrinate myself with the culture of IDEA. In this capacity, I held daily meetings with staff and students. My discussions with school staff gave me clarity on the level of support needed. We also worked together to identify students who would benefit most from my presence and skillset. On the other hand, my meetings with students gave me a great sense of them wanting to be involved in Lana’s tutoring program. Students expressed their willingness to step out of their comfort zones. They didn’t want to merely meet expectations in their English and math classes. These students were looking to exceed expectations.

This past month, I learned a lot from a personal standpoint. For example, one student named Jarren expressed to me his willingness and excitement to become a better writer. Although I believe his writing skills to be good, he wants to challenge himself and exceed the expectations that society and school have placed on him. Jarren is a young man who does not want to just pass, he wants to get the absolute best grade possible. He expressed to me that I would be able to help him with his goal through Lana’s HIT sessions.

That one conversation with Jarren motivated me to tackle every challenge head on. I have become relentless in my quest for greatness. As a result, I collected 26 parental/guardian slips back within the first two weeks of handing them out. I have hosted a total of four sessions thus far. I am currently seeing four groups twice a week with 45 minutes per session.

Tutoring Session Breakdown

In my tutoring sessions, we first start off with a social emotional learning (SEL) component called a PIES Check-In. In this capacity, I ask the students to explain themselves physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually on a scale to 1-5. This style of learning can be new to students, so I make sure to model these exercises until the students feel comfortable completing them independently. This usually takes about five minutes, and it serves as a good ice breaker. It lets the students know that I not only care about their grades but also their well-being. In my opinion, the two go hand in hand.

We then spend the next 30-35 minutes working on class assignments or work they do not understand. During this time, I give intentional assistance to each of the four students. I put heavy emphasis on having them explain a response/answer. I also challenge them to think and use all their resources before asking for help.

To conclude the sessions, we finish with experiential learning called Real Life Lessons. In this capacity, we have either a dialogue or activity on important life issues. It’s a good way to wrap up the session and tie any content back to real life situations. It allows the students to make connections and explore their critical thinking skills.

PIES Check-In is a social emotional learning activity that gives students an opportunity to self-reflect before we dive into the academic portion of the tutoring session.
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