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Key performance indicators measure success at Lana Learn

Lana Learn staff members align key performance indicators with program goals to ensure individual and organizational success.

This fall, Lana Learn staff members have been working on aligning individual key performance indicators (KPIs) with target outcomes of our grant-funded programs. This process ensures that every team member contributes effectively to our mission. We emphasize the importance of setting SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) KPIs. These indicators directly correlate with each program’s overarching goals. This strategic approach keeps our team focused. Additionally, it enables us to measure success at both individual and organization levels.

For our academic coaches in Washington, DC, KPIs include student data and narrative reports. We measure both student grade and attendance improvement over the course of the program. In addition, we track the frequency of positive feedback from parents and students. These KPIs directly reflect the effectiveness of our tutoring services in enhancing students’ academic performance and overall learning experience.

Similarly, for SAT prep instructors, KPIs revolve around student performance and program effectiveness. Academic coaches track student improvement on practice exams throughout the duration of the course. They also monitor the successful implementation of innovative instructional strategies. Finally, we measure the completion of targeted professional development activities. These indicators quantify the impact of our SAT prep support on students’ test readiness and ensure our coaches are continuously refining their skills to meet educational needs.

Our staff conducts regular reviews and feedback sessions to assess progress against these KPIs. This allows the opportunity for professional growth, course correction, and recognition of exceptional contribution. By directly linking individual staff KPIs to the target outcomes of our grant-funded programs, Lana Learn ensures that our team remains dedicated to achieving measurable success. Ultimately, this advances our mission to empower students for academic excellence.

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