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Individualized Tutoring Benefits Students

Students at Sandy Spring Friends School are enjoying Lana Learn’s individualized tutoring benefits despite their busy schedules.

This spring, Lana Learn and Sandy Springs Friends School worked together to create SAT and ACT prep programs for the school’s junior class. Although there was student interest in the programs, after-school sports and other standardized testing resulted in low signups. We were unable to run the program, but we are able offer students one-on-one test-prep tutoring with Lana Learn coaches. It’s important that we give interested students the opportunity to experience individualized tutoring benefits.

Our 1:1 SAT and ACT prep classes offer a personalized tutoring experience in which a tutor works with a student to improve their test scores. The tutor creates a tailored study plan for the student based on their strengths and weaknesses. The tutor provides individualized feedback and helps the student build the skills needed to succeed on the SAT or ACT.

This approach is more intensive than group tutoring because it allows students to receive more personalized attention. Students work with coaches to create custom study plans specific to their needs. The individualized nature of these sessions allows for more flexibility in terms of timing and location. These benefits aid in fostering student confidence in taking standardized tests. Although we are disappointed that we were unable to run the group tutoring program, we are excited for the opportunity to work more closely with individual students.

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