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Accommodating for Student Needs at Sandy Spring Friends School

Lana Learn and Sandy Spring Friends School staff are accommodating for student needs by offering flexible test prep course dates.

For the past two years, Lana Learn has partnered with Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS) to provide SAT and ACT prep classes to their students. We have maintained a great partnership with the SSFS staff over the duration of our classes. In particular, we work closely with their college counselors to provide programing that benefits as much of their student population as possible. Lana Learn values flexibility within our team to ensure that we are always accommodating for student needs.

We had scheduled test prep classes for this spring, but testing and after-school activities led to low sign-up rates. It’s important that we give students the opportunity to participate in these test prep classes, so we are working with school staff to provide summer programming. This will allow the students who were unable to register for spring classes to get the preparation they need.

We accommodate for SSFS students by offering both SAT and ACT prep classes. In recent years, the ACT has become less popular due to the number of East Coast universities that have a preference for SAT exam scores. However, many of the students at SSFS have expressed interest in looking at universities across the country. SSFS school staff enjoys being able to provide their students with the option of taking either SAT prep or ACT prep, or both classes if they choose. Like our SAT prep classes, ACT prep provides students with individualized instruction and the tools and strategies needed to succeed on the ACT exam. We look forward to continuing our partnership with SSFS and working together to achieve student success.

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