SAT Prep Program at Sandy Spring Friends School

March 21, 2023

Maya Burke

The Lana Learn team is providing an SAT Prep program at Sandy Spring Friends School in Washington, DC.

The Lana Learn team spent March preparing for an SAT Prep program at Sandy Friends School. The program provides high school students with the knowledge, skills, and strategies they need to excel on the SAT exam. The program consists of a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of the SAT, including critical reading, writing, and math. Students receive personalized instruction from experienced SAT tutors who provide them with guidance and support.

The program places a strong emphasis on practice tests, which helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses. Then, students are able to develop a targeted study plan. In addition, tutors give students in the program access to a variety of SAT resources, including online tools and practice exercises. These resources help reinforce learning and build test-taking confidence. Students will be well-prepared to take the SAT exam and achieve their academic goals by the end of the program.

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