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Enhancing Processes for Student Success this Fall

The Lana Learn team embraces consistency while enhancing processes for student success this fall in Washington, DC and Vietnam.

As orange and golden hues permeate our surroundings, October has a beautiful way of reminding us to embrace its steady rhythm. At Lana, while we value this consistency, we’re also unwavering in our commitment to enhancing processes for student success. Our dedication goes beyond routine. Every month, we take pride in sharing stories from each of our programs. Our instructors, those who work most closely with students, offer a firsthand perspective on programs.

Washington, DC Programs

As the school year moves ahead, our High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program is in full operation across four high schools in Washington, DC: Theodore Roosevelt High School, H.D. Woodson High School, IDEA Public Charter School, and Thurgood Marshall Academy. We’re committed to helping groups of students recover their math and reading skills, especially in these post-pandemic times. An additional highlight is our involvement in the 21st Century Community Learning Center Program (CCLC) at Cardozo Educational Campus. This initiative specifically targets the growing number of English language learners, catering to their unique needs. Moreover, as the education landscape evolves, we’re at the forefront of SAT Preparation. We are focusing on transitioning to the digital SAT at Thurgood Marshall Academy, Paul Public Charter School, and for the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). Assisting schools and students during this shift is a priority for us. Therefore, we are actively offering consultation to schools navigating this change.

Vietnam Programs

In Vietnam, we’re gearing up for the English language training program graduation ceremony set for the first week of November. This marks the close of our second class cycle. Our instructors continue to remarkably implement the DLIELC curriculum as reflected in student score improvements. Furthermore, we’ve enhanced our language lab approach, incorporating both independent and instructor-led sessions, thereby increasing opportunities for meaningful student interaction.

As we fall into October, this month showcases our unwavering commitment to educational excellence, both in Washington, DC and in Vietnam. With each passing day, we strive to empower, educate, and be a dependable ally in the learning journey. Here’s to ongoing efforts and the shared vision of a brighter educational and economic future for those students with whom we have the privilege to teach.

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