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Continuous student improvement is demonstrated by strong test results

English Language Training instructors have seen continuous student improvement over the past ten weeks in Vietnam.

Over the last ten weeks, Lana’s English Language Training (ELT) instructors in Vietnam have focused on continuous student improvement. These students have been selected by Vietnam’s Ministry of Defense (MND) to participate in the ELT program that supports Vietnam’s armed forces and the bigger bilateral relations between Vietnam and the United States. The program follows the curriculum set forth by the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC), located in Texas. Throughout the duration of each six-month training course, ELT instructors track student performance through regular DLIELC-provided assessments.

At the start of each course, ELT instructors administer an initial American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT). These measure the students’ English proficiency and allow instructors to place students in appropriate classes. This assessment is given again as a mid-term exam and at the end of the course to measure student growth.

Instructors also give DLIELC Book Quizzes every two weeks upon the completion of each book. These tests are comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions based on listening and reading comprehension. Book Quizzes are achievement assessments that track student understanding of the curriculum content. The instructors record data for both ALCPTs and book quizzes to determine student language acquisition progress.

Lt Vũ Ngọc Anh

Lt Vũ commenced the semester with a modest initial ALCPT score of 36 which correlates to an elementary English proficiency level. Over the past ten weeks, there has been a marked improvement in his performance, with the most significant progress noted in his speaking fluency. His initial Book Quiz score was a low 64%, but he has shown score improvement with an average of 74% after four quizzes. He has become more conversational and confident in his speech, which has greatly enhanced his ability to communicate. While there is a noticeable advancement in his use and understanding of intonation patterns, this remains an area where Lt Vũ can seek further betterment. 

Lt Hoàng Văn Diện

Lt Hoàng entered the program with an initial placement score lower than Lt Vũ at 35. His academic journey has been impressive with an average Book Quiz score of 96% after four quizzes. Alongside his academic excellence, Lt Hoàng has made considerable strides in speaking fluency, indicating a strong grasp of the linguistic elements of the English language and the ability to apply them practically. 

Lt Lại Ngọc Quang Huy: 

Lt Lại’s initial placement score was a 37, but his academic diligence has led him to average a Book Quiz score of 89%. While his current scores are commendable, they may not fully capture the extent of his progress in speaking fluency. This improvement, though possibly underestimated numerically, reflects substantial development in his communicative abilities. 

Lt Nguyễn Đặng Phương Nam

Lt Nguyễn began the semester with a slightly higher initial ALCPT score of 44. His performance has been consistently impressive, with a Book Quiz average of 88.9%. His speaking fluency has seen considerable progress, especially his usage of final consonant sounds. This specific improvement contributes significantly to the clarity and intelligibility of his speech. 

Conclusion and Recommendations: 

The first semester results for these students have been exceptionally pleasing. Each has shown dedication and the ability to translate instruction into tangible advancements in language use. However, as proficiency in a language is an evolving journey, continued effort in refining fluency and accuracy is crucial. For Lt Vũ and Lt Hoàng, focusing on intonation and subtle aspects of pronunciation will complement their fluency. Meanwhile, Lt Lại’s and Lt Nguyễn could benefit from advanced communicative exercises that challenge their newfound strengths in speaking and encourage even greater finesse in their pronunciation. 

The journey ahead presents ample opportunity for growth. Students are encouraged to maintain momentum and inquisitiveness as they build upon the strong foundation established in their first semester. 

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