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English language development creates opportunities for students in Vietnam

The Lana Learn team in Vietnam reflects over students’ English language development after program graduation.

The month of November brings cool, sunny weather to Hanoi. At Unit 871, we enjoyed our second English Language Training (ELT) graduation of the program. It was great to see how all the hard work of our students paid off. I reserved the last day of the course for Class Alpha student reflection. First, we reviewed the last set of videos the students made for their Book 20 speaking projects. After that, I gave them my opinion of the overall class progress and gave them some advice on how to continue to retain and improve their English through self-study. Finally, the students completed a program feedback survey, and I gave them their final exam scores. The students made great strides in their English language development over the course of the past five months.

Class Results

The results were impressive. Every student made it over the 50-point threshold which we consider sufficient to continue onto the US for follow-on training. The class average sat at 71 points which is a 32% increase from their intake placement exam. CPT Nghĩa displayed the most improvement with an increase of 33 points from his initial placement exam to the final exam – a 60% improvement rate. Not only did he receive the highest score of the class, but his English comprehension level improved from intermediate to advanced in a five-month time span.

As a class, the bi-weekly book quiz scores showed an impressive average of 92%. Additionally, two students from Class Alpha were recommended to take the more rigorous English Comprehension Level (ECL) exam to qualify for follow-on training. Both students scored comfortably over 60 points. The entire class was pleased with their results, and they had every right to be. It was rewarding to see the sense of satisfaction on their faces.  So many students thanked me, but I told them, “You are just as responsible for this than I am.” 

Graduation Ceremony

After that, all the teachers and students met in the auditorium for a well-deserved graduation ceremony. LTC Wei Yuan, Chief of Office of Defense Cooperation in Hanoi joined us as a guest speaker. Additionally, representatives from Unit 871 base leadership joined us and gave remarks about the program and students. Afterwards, the students received their graduation certificates, we took some class photos, and enjoyed refreshments. Our students got the opportunity to discuss potential future ELT programs with ODC representatives. It’s a great motivation for them to be able to visualize what kind of future is possible with this type of training under their belts.

In conclusion, I have to say that this was the best class that I have taught thus far. I don’t merely mean in terms of scores though. From the beginning, the entire class showed an exceptional degree of professionalism and enthusiasm. Generally, everyone showed punctuality, completed homework daily, communicated any absences, participated in class, and submitted creative and punctilious assignments. The hard work and enthusiasm of my students sets a high bar that in the future will be a healthy challenge to meet. 

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