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Class Data and Student Feedback Debrief

The Lana Learn team met with Don Bosco Cristo Rey administration to discuss class data and student feedback from a recent SAT prep class.

This April, Lana Learn wrapped up an SAT prep class at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School in Washington, DC. We recently met with school administration to debrief about class data and student feedback. Principal Elias Blanco, Associate Principal Angel Sanks, and the Director of College Counseling, Andrea Leonard, joined in on the discussion.

They updated us with official SAT scores from the April 25th exam. We compared these scores to both practice test scores that the students took during the course to analyze student progress over time. This allowed us to see which areas the students were improving and which areas need more focus. Overall, 62% of students improved their scores, with 12 students increasing their scores by over 100 points!

We also discussed the feedback we received from the student survey. Lana Learn knows that student feedback improves programs, so we asked participants to share their opinions about our SAT Prep course. Students shared that they liked how interactive the teachers were, and several students expressed that the information they received in the course was helpful.

As a group, we talked about lessons learned from the student survey. Academic coaches shared their experiences teaching the class, and school administrators gave insight from their side. One of the main take-aways is that there needs to be more classroom time. This will allow adequate time for students to grasp the curriculum. Another take-away was that the curriculum should include more test content material, not just format. The SAT Prep Program Manager, Adele Norton, will be working hard this summer to include the feedback into curriculum revisions.

It was great meeting with the Don Bosco team and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future!

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