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SAT Prep at Don Bosco Cristo Rey

The Lana Learn team began an SAT Prep program as part of a college readiness course for students at Don Bosco Cristo Rey.

Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School has a dedicated College Success Counseling Department that prepares students for the transition into a post-secondary education. They incorporate college counseling and career readiness into their curriculum through a college preparation course for grades 11 and 12. This month, Lana Learn began an SAT Prep program as part of the college readiness course for 11th graders.

77 eleventh graders are gearing up for SAT Day on April 25th by participating in our SAT Prep program. The first step of the program is for student to develop a study plan. This is crucial in helping them stay motivated, hold themselves accountable, and reach their SAT score goals. Students then began learning SAT test strategies as well as utilizing a variety of online tools for both strategy and content practice at home. Additionally, students took one practice exam at the beginning of the program and will take a second practice exam next week to measure progress towards their individual goals.

Two of Lana Learn’s academic coaches, Adele Norton and Jasmine Coombs, are co-teaching the curriculum. Adele is focusing on the reading and writing sections of the test. Jasmine is teaching general test strategies and math. Both instructors are working hard to collaborate with the college counselors and connect with each student. The focus is to help them achieve their SAT score goals, and ultimately their college dreams.

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