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Tracking Student Progress for Standardized Testing

Lana Learn’s SAT Prep program at Don Boscoe Cristo Rey utilizes analyzing test data to track student progress.

Last month, Lana Learn began an SAT Prep program as part of the college readiness course for 11th graders at Don Boscoe Cristo Rey High School. One of the features of Lana Learn’s SAT prep course is the use of test data for tracking student progress.

Throughout the course, students take two practice tests to use the strategies they have learned and identify areas for improvement. The instructors compile and analyze the students’ practice test scores. Then, they use the data to help the students create individualized study plans. The study plans target the specific areas where the student needs the most improvement. 

There are other benefits to tracking student progress through test data. First, it allows students to see how they are improving over time. This can be a motivating factor and help students stay on track with their SAT preparation. Additionally, it allows the instructors to adjust their teaching methods and strategies to better meet the needs of each student.

The students in this course took thier initial practice test during the week of the course. They took a second practice test in early April. After the second test, the instructor and the students dicussed their scores and updated the study plans as needed. The students had the opportunity to review specific questions from both practice tests.

The instructors will hold a final session for students the day before they take their SAT. This will give them the opportunity to ask the any questionss and calm any pre-test nerves.

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