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Student Feedback Improves Programs

Lana Learn knows that student feedback improves programs, so we have asked participants to share their opinions about our SAT Prep course.

The Lana Learn SAT Prep Program at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School has officially wrapped up. Students took the SAT on April 25th, and both students and their coaches are anxiously awaiting to see their score improvements. In the meantime, we asked the students to provide feedback for the program. Our team at Lana Learn believes that student feedback improves programs by giving us the opportunity to better understand our students’ needs.

The form provides an opportunity for students to reflect on the course and rate their satisfaction. Additionally, they can provide perspective on ways we can improve the student classroom experience. Student feedback provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of teaching methods, course materials, and instructional techniques. It helps us understand what is working and areas for improvement.

Student feedback is also important for building a positive learning environment and enhancing engagement and motivation. When students feel that their opinions are valued, it fosters a sense of engagement and ownership of their education. Lana Learn’s SAT Prep class was only a couple of months long, but we hope that, through the information gained, students continue to strive to reach their goals.

Student Feedback Improves Programs
Microsoft Forms helps us gather valuable student feedback.
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