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Welcoming the New Semester of English Language Training

Our Unit 871 Team Lead, Emile, outlines the exciting learning strategies that will be used in the new semester.

Lana is thrilled to announce the commencement of the 4th semester for our new cohort of officers for our English language training (ELT) program. This marks a significant stride in our mission, aligned with the Ministry of National Defense’s strategic goal of equipping 30% of the armed forces with English proficiency by 2030.  

Each semester presents unique challenges, and our dedicated team enhances our students’ learning experience.. We are focused on listening skills, which are a common hurdle for many learners in Vietnam. Our quizzes, derived from the American Language Course (ALC) materials, are not just evaluative but also serve as constructive feedback mechanisms. This helps us guide students towards areas needing further attention.  

Peer Interaction

We believe in the power of peer-to-peer engagement. Encouraging our officers to converse in English amongst themselves fosters an immersive learning environment, promoting language acquisition in ways that traditional teacher-led instruction may not achieve. In pairs or small groups, officers engage in a structured conversation in English. Officers are given a scenario/topic and collaborate to develop a strategic plan, discussing various options and outcomes.  

Engaging Learning Activities

Our instructors enrich the English learning experience by incorporating interactive games and debates on current events. This not only makes language practice exciting, but also pertinent to real-world scenarios. By utilizing authentic resources such as YouTube videos and memes, we stimulate lively discussions that bridge the gap between textbook learning and everyday communication. This approach ensures that our officers are not just learning English but are also staying culturally informed and conversationally adept.  

Online Learning platforms

Our use of online platforms and programs, video tutorials, exercises, and quizzes is an exciting change in the classroom setting where the traditional book and pen method has been a common way of learning in public schools. These tools empower our students to learn and practice at their own pace and solidify their understanding.   

Focused Peer Support

We encourage self-assessment and mutual aid among our students. By identifying their strengths and areas for improvement, and engaging in weekly peer check-ins, our students build a supportive network that champions collective progress.  

These methodologies provide ample practice opportunities while fostering a dynamic and nurturing educational atmosphere. Tailored to meet individual needs, they ensure every student can navigate their linguistic challenges and excel.  

As we embark on this new semester, our commitment to delivering exceptional results and bolstering our students’ success remains unwavering. 

We extend our deepest appreciation to our partners for their steadfast support. Together, we are not merely teaching a language. We are cultivating the communicators of tomorrow within our armed forces and strengthening the bonds of international cooperation.  

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