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Trusting relationships are the backbone of academic success

Lana Learn’s HIT coaches at IDEA Public Charter School have formed a space based on trusting relationships.

Lana’s High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program at IDEA Public Charter School (PCS) is enjoying a space centered around trusting relationships. Relationship building is a core standard of the HIT program and has been the driving force for students’ academic success thus far. According to OSSE, “The care that tutors show fuels the motivation necessary for students to move forward academically.” This third cohort of students continues along their successful path regarding attendance and grades due to Academic Coach Mr. Stedman Allen laying the groundwork of trusting relationships. Students approach Mr. Allen about their coursework because he has made them feel comfortable confiding in him.

Relationships are the centerpiece of success

Mr. Allen has continued his work to empower, support, and influence his students He has an unwavering foundation here at IDEA which began with the groundwork of forming organic relationships. The HIT “culture” under Mr. Allen’s leadership is clear, “Relationships are the centerpiece for each kid’s success in and out of the classroom.” Participants understand the objective, or DNA, of the HIT program at IDEA PCS. This DNA consists of putting forth their best effort in the classroom/sessions, clear understanding of coursework, and showing up for themselves. None of these expectations would be met if relationships were not built first.

You must show up as your true self! You’ve to show the young men and women that you care about their well-being first and foremost. You have got to first win over their hearts before you can reach their minds.

Mr. Allen Stedman, HIT Academic Coach

For the last six months Mr. Allen has been intentional about fostering a positive relationship with his students. This positive attitude has made a vast impact on the young men and women he serves. Participates have gained a greater perspective on life, which has led to a culture change. Most importantly, along the way, Mr. Allen has gained the young men and women’s trust. Being persistent and leading with empathy, love, and empowerment have been the driving force in forming these profound relationships. Relationships are everything.

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