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Establishing a steadfast culture increases impact

Lana’s High-Impact Tutoring team focuses on establishing a steadfast culture that motivates students and boosts participation.

Lana Learn’s High Impact Tutoring (HIT) program at IDEA Public Charter School (IDEA PCS) has focused on establishing a steadfast culture. Culture has been the secret sauce to providing Cohort III with a smooth transition into the HIT program. Located in Northeast Washington, DC, the new cohort of 24 young men and women has already gotten off to a great start! The main goal is to provide clear expectations, listen to student voices, and give an understanding of coursework.  

Stedman Allen, The HIT coach at IDEA PCS, has continued his work to empower, support, and influence his students. Mr. Allen has an unwavering foundation here at IDEA PCS, and the groundwork he established with his previous students has set the tone for cohort III. The HIT culture under Mr. Allen’s leadership is clear, obtainable, and stronger than ever. New participants understand the DNA of the HIT program. This consists of putting forth your best efforts in the classroom and tutoring sessions. It requires a clear understanding of the coursework. Lastly, it means not only showing up but also actively engaging. As a result, attendance is well in the 90 percent range, with all 24 students motivated to attend, participate, and achieve the best grades possible.

For the last five months Mr. Allen has been intentional about fostering a positive relationship with his students. This positive attitude has made a vast impact on the young men and women he serves daily. Participants have gained a greater perspective on life which has led to a shift in culture. 

Mr. Allen motivates his new students to work hard and engage this semester.
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