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“It all counts” mentality leads to improvements in student attendance

Student attendance rates increase in Washington, DC as academic coaches implement an “it all counts” mentality.

The second cohort of Lana Learn’s High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program at IDEA Public Charter School has wrapped up. Academic Coach Stedman Allen has implemented an “it all counts” mentality amongst the students to assist them in academic achievement. 26 young men and women at IDEA have seen vast improvements in attendance, consistency, character, and grit – it all counts.

Mr. Allen has worked hard to empower, support, and influence Lana’s second cohort of HIT students. Putting words to action has exemplified the “ it all counts” mentality. Mr. Allen wanted 90% of his 26 students to go above or maintain an attendance record of 85%. As a result of hard work, consistency, grit, and “it all counts” mentality, Mr. Allen concluded the semester with his students achieving an attendance record of 90%.

For the last four months, Mr. Allen has been intentional about fostering a positive relationship with his students. This positive attitude has made a large impact on the young men and women he serves daily. Participants have gained a greater perspective on life, both inside and outside of the classroom. Giving every situation their best effort, handing in quality work, and showing up are a few of traits participants have taken from the HIT program. Furthermore, Mr. Allen looks forward to expanding, learning, and executing more of this mentality with the next cohort of students in February.  

Mr. Allen has impressed a greater perspective on life, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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