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Top performing student shows notable growth in English Language Training program

Lana’s English Language Training program boasts impressive growth by a top performing student despite being in the low-level class.

 In the heart of Vietnam’s military training grounds, First Lieutenant Nguyễn Văn Tâm dedicates himself to shaping the future of the nation’s armed forces. He trains new officers and oversees a regimen of drilling, weapons mastery, and physical conditioning. The intensity of such training is both mentally and physically demanding. However, 1LT Tâm understands the power of discipline and repetition. This belief extends beyond the military sphere into his approach to language learning. 1LT Tâm joined Lana’s English Language Training (ELT) program in November and is due to graduate this May. He is the top performing student in Class Charlie and serves as a source of inspiration and motivation to his peers.

1LT Tâm received English training during his secondary education — a rarity in his hometown where many lacked such opportunities. He recognizes the importance of consistent practice in mastering a new language. He notes a common educational gap: Vietnamese students learn English grammar from local teachers but miss out on crucial conversational skills. As a result, many excel in grammatical knowledge yet struggle with active speaking and listening. This leaves them hesitant to engage in real-world communication and unmotivated to continue learning English.

Notable English Language Growth

1LT Tâm’s journey in the ELT program is a testament to his commitment and effort. He received a beginner-level score of 28 on his initial American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) in November. However, he showed remarkable progress with a score of 71 on the mid-term ALCPT, boasting a significant 154% growth rate. This score improvement also moved him from a beginner level to an advanced level based on standards set forth by the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC). Moreover, he exhibits consistent high performance with an average of 94% across nine Book Quizzes. These are achievement assessments given every two weeks that measure course content retention.

1LT Tâm demonstrates exemplary time management skills. With a regimented approach, he meticulously plans his educational tasks to tackle assignments with precision. Despite his nascent speaking abilities, 1LT Tâm diligently practices his English, aware that fluency requires perseverance. His dedication not only propels him through the language course but also serves as inspiration for his peers. 1LT Tâm excels academically, yet he humbly acknowledges the long road ahead in his linguistic journey. He’s prepared to meet many more challenges with determination and a positive attitude. 

Within the ELT program, we encounter a diverse range of English language proficiency among our students. Several of them have exceeded the follow-on training benchmark of 55, actively refining their linguistic abilities to achieve the 70-80 score range required for pilot training courses. Conversely, some are experiencing formal English education for the first time. It is our responsibility to inspire all students to diligently enhance their English competencies, irrespective of their starting point. We look forward to witnessing further progress in 1LT Tâm’s English proficiency throughout the course and beyond.

1LT Tâm is the top performing student in Class Charlie and serves as a source of inspiration and motivation to his peers.
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