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Tina’s Corner: U.S. Air Force Program Management Visit

The U.S. Air Force program management visit to Unit 871 in Hanoi is an opportunity for Lana Learn instructors to “show and tell.”

I love meeting our customers. We work hard every day with students and partners and welcome the chance to “show and tell.” So when Maria Johnson from the U.S. Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron (AFSAT) from Randolph Air Force Base requested a program management visit to observe the English Language Training program Unit 871 in Vietnam, I jumped at the opportunity. AFSAT’s office in San Antonio is a world away from Hanoi, Vietnam. Our team was excited for the opportunity to be able to connect and collaborate on adjustments and best practices. 

Lana Learn’s team shared with Maria our program calendar, curriculum, classroom teachings, one-on-one tutorials, language lab activities, and other special lessons to celebrate successes and receive feedback. The visit allowed her the chance to understand how the project is progressing, interact with the project team, and ensure the team is working toward the program’s standards and guidelines. This is critical as it ensures that program events align with overall goals, objectives, and methodologies. This consistency is essential to the success of the program as it ensures that all project activities are working towards the original objectives.

When not program observing, we took her for nearby street food lunch including bun cha, bun bo hue, and nem. We also took her on a historical tour of Hanoi in an old military Jeep. This included a visit to the Hoa Lo Prison, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, and a B-52 wreckage site in lake. Part of understanding the Vietnam program is understanding the culture! 

We appreciated Maria’s feedback “Lana Learn is doing it…and more.” Yes, we are, and we are so very grateful for the opportunity for our partners to see it firsthand. We welcome back Maria and the AFSAT team anytime! Program management visits, connection points, and collaborative interaction is key to continued success. 

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