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Individual Student Tutoring

Lana Learn instructors in Hanoi see positive results in implementing individual student tutoring for those who have fallen behind.

The English language training program at Unit 871 in Hanoi follows the American Language Course (ALC) curriculum from the Defense Language Institute (DLI) in San Antonio, Texas. The program this semester consists of 38 students across three classes. The instructors group students into classes based on their initial American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) scores. This works well for most students as they are placed in a class with students of similar English comprehension levels. However, there are always a few outliers. At Lana Learn, it is our mission to give all of our students the best education possible, regardless of circumstance. We have taken this opportunity to implement individual student tutoring to ensure that each student gets the most out of his/her learning experience.

Our first student to receive individual tutoring is Sy Phuc from Class Charlie. While his classmates are beginner English learners, he has no previous English language education. He scored a zero on the initial placement test because he was unable to read the directions. We noticed that the more his classmates progressed, the more Sy Phuc fell behind.

To remedy this, we have set aside an hour each day for him to receive tutoring that focuses on foundational English. We started him at American Language Course Book 1, which includes the following:

  • Vocabulary: instructional, classroom, occupational, and date/time
  • Functions: greetings and introductions
  • Grammar: simple sentences, pronouns, negative sentences, and questions/answers
  • Skills: responses, syllable identification, stress patterns, and intonation

After 15 sessions, we are seeing huge improvements in his English ability. Before, the only words he could speak in English were, “No English,” but now he is able to understand instructions, ask and answer questions, and tell information about himself in English.

The biggest change is his attitude in class. Before, he seemed uninterested in learning. We know now that he was only demotivated because he was sitting in a classroom every day without understanding anything. His work ethic has really impressed all of the instructors; he spends extra time completing his supplemental tutoring assignments in addition to his regular class assignments. He is soaking up all the new information like a sponge and is constantly eager to learn more.

His ALCPT score when from 0 on the initial exam to 35 on the midterm; a whopping 3400% increase. The instructors at Unit 871 are happy with not only his test results, but the overall change in his leanring experience. We are excited to continue implementing 1:1 student tutoring for those who need it.

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