American Language Course Placement Test

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American Language Course Placement Test

Lana Learn uses the American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) in Vietnam to place students, measure progress, and screen for readiness.

The American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) measures students’ English comprehension levels. It is an important test because we use it to place students in classes, measure their progress during and after the course, and screen them for further testing readiness. The ALCPT is a multiple-choice test comprised of two sections: listening and reading.

To help students pass the test with flying colors, class Bravo has been focusing on improving fluency and language application. One of the ways we have implemented this is with occupation-based presentations. Last month Lieutenant Bao gave a presentation comparing Vietnamese and American rank insignia. Next up, Lieutenant Nhan will give his Introducing Basic Training presentation.

In addition, the students have had the opportunity to share their experiences training at their “home-units.” The goal of this program is to prepare these officers for follow-on training in the US. Therefore, they have also spent time comparing their experiences with expectations of American military bases. Role-plays have been a big help in getting the students comfortable with the cultural nuances they will experience. Topics for these hands-on learning opportunities include greetings, introductory conversations, saluting senior officials, training history, meal etiquette, and subjects to avoid.

Throughout the course, the students have really been enjoying this real-life application side of the program. It gives them better insight into American culture as well as the opportunity to maximize their training experience abroad. They strive to be prepared and informed representatives of Vietnam.

The officers now have a clear understanding of what to expect for the remainder of the course. The instructors are looking forward to seeing them after the Lunar New Year rested and ready to continue forth on the pursuit of follow-on training.

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