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Vietnam National Defense Day 2022

Lana Learn instructors in Vietnam remind students of the “bigger picture” with occupational presentations for National Defense Day.

December has arrived and brought with it much cooler weather to Hanoi. Unit 871 has been buzzing with military officials visiting from other bases and end of year preparations. December 22 marks Vietnam’s National Defense Day, commemorating the foundation of the People’s Army of Vietnam in 1944.

The officers in the American Language Course program have continued to show vast improvement in all facets of their language training. With National Defense Day in mind, the instructors focused on occupational presentations.

One student gave a very informative presentation comparing U.S. and Vietnamese rank insignia. This is especially useful for the students as they will be expected to know this information when they move onto the U.S. for follow on training. The presentation also allowed the students to picture what their interactions with the US armed forces would look like, which gave them all an extra boost of motivation.

As an educator, it is essential to remind your students of the bigger picture from time to time, and it seems fitting to close out 2022 with visualizations of what’s to come.

Vietnam National Defense Day
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