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Tina’s Corner – One Mission, One Community: The Power of Local Partnerships

Lana Learn, as an international organization, leverages local partnerships to further our social impact mission.

As the leader of an international organization, I believe building local partnerships is at the heart of our social impact mission. Local partners bring invaluable insights into local markets, customs, and regulations. This allows us to navigate complexities while building trust with the local community. We are in our first year of our Air Force-funded English language training program in Hanoi, Vietnam. At Lana, we’re committed to advancing local partnerships in several ways:

1. Our Instructor Team

All of our instructors are Native English Speakers, but what sets them apart is their average of eight years of experience living and teaching in Vietnam. They understand our students’ culture and language challenges. This allows them to build critical rapport with our students. During class observations, I have heard instructors slip an occasional word of Vietnamese into conversation. The students are delighted to hear their instructors speaking their language and appreciating their culture. This furthers student-instructor relationships and cements bonds to foster educational achievement.

2. Our Operations Team

We made a strategic first local Vietnamese hire with an Operations Director with more than 15 years of experience working for U.S. companies in Vietnam. The goal is to build out a local team to oversee our company’s administrative functions, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards and managing risks to ensure long-term sustainability.

3. Our Strong Local Partners

We work with partners like OMT, led by Ms. Ha Dau, who shares our values and goals. They provide us access to networks of customers, suppliers, and other key contacts. OMT currently manages learning management systems (LMS) for 500,000 students served across the country. They leverage this experience to help Lana Learn stand up our digital learning center and provide additional project support.

Our commitment to building strong, genuine relationships with local organizations sets Lana apart. We’re proud to make a difference in the lives of our students and communities. We’re committed to building local partnerships to achieve our social impact mission.

The Lana Learn team with U.S. Defense Attaché in Hanoi Colonel TJ Bouchillon and local partner Ms. Ha Dau from OMT.
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