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Test prep trainings give school staff necessary tools to keep up with digital testing

The Lana Learn team in Washington, DC holds test prep trainings that allow school staff to better understand the new, digital testing format.

As teachers and students settle back into the rhythm of the school year, the Lana Learn team is looking ahead. Test prep professional development is in full swing as we get ready for October PSAT/SAT dates. Lana Learn recently held test prep trainings at our partner schools: DC Public Schools, Thurgood Marshall Academy, Cesar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy, and Paul Public Charter School. The new digital SAT/PSAT format sparked the most interest and curiosity amongst schoolteachers.

There are numerous changes to the test format to discuss and prepare for. However, the major shifts include shorter reading passages, allowing the calculator on all math sections, and adaptive modules. 

What are adaptive modules? When a student submits their first reading and writing or math module, their responses determine the questions they will see on the second module. While these changes increase test security, they also necessitate a different approach to test preparation. 

One thing remains the same: confidence is key. Our students benefit from learning test strategies, practicing drills, and taking practice exams. However, all of this preparation could be for naught if they lack the self-assurance needed to navigate the digital platform. 

As we begin coaching cycles and plan for bootcamps and course offerings in the spring, the focus is on our students. Our objective is to help them meet their goals. Not only are we interested in preparing them for this digital test, but also the rigors of college and beyond in this increasingly digital world.

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