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Leading professional development trainings provides teacher support in Washington, DC

The Lana Learn team in Washington, DC is leading professional development trainings to familiarize teachers with digital testing.

It’s the season where families and students clamor about back-to-school sales and teachers finish putting together their classrooms. However, the test prep team at Lana Learn has been leading professional development trainings, negotiating service agreements with program partners, and revamping the curriculum in light of the SAT’s switch to digital in spring 2024. 

High school seniors will be taking the October SAT with paper and pencil. On the other hand, juniors will be taking the first PSAT offered digitally in the United States. This will no doubt pose a challenge for those teachers who are tasked with teaching juniors and seniors simultaneously. However, we anticipate that this first at-bat will provide critical data about the digital test-taking experience. Meanwhile, we will support teachers by helping them differentiate instruction and familiarizing themselves with both versions of the test.

We led a training for DC Public School SAT prep educators on August 23rd. We also held a subsequent two-day training at Thurgood Marshall Academy from the 24thto the 25th. While we devoted time to introducing the digital SAT, our teachers were ready to grapple with the curriculum. Additionally, they held courageous conversations about what it takes to motivate and empower students when it comes to standardized testing. While teacher shortages persist, we want to lead with gratitude for those who continue to choose this profession and our students. These teachers make it simple to do so with their evident work ethic and enthusiasm.

We are continuing to lead trainings around the district and finalize service agreements with partner schools. This is an excellent opportunity to collect and reflect on data from our teachers. Survey results show us areas for improvement. They also suggest how we can continue to shape the curriculum so that it serves a broader range of educators and students. August has been the month to prepare – a time for goal setting with teachers and students before daily realities demand most of our attention. 

Looking towards September and the looming October test dates, we want to prioritize supporting educators in preparing students for these milestones. Once trainings subside, we will begin observations and providing coaching and support to teachers with lesson planning and implementation. We are fortunate to have such passionate teachers to collaborate with. We look forward to working with them on growing student confidence and motivation as well as improving scores.

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