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Providing Comprehensive Support to DC Public Schools

The Lana Learn team is providing comprehensive support to DC Public Schools students through a SAT prep professional development plan.

In today’s competitive educational landscape, standardized tests like the SAT play a significant role in students’ college admissions journey. Lana Learn recognizes the importance of providing comprehensive support to students. Therefore, we have been working with DC Public Schools to develop a robust SAT prep professional development plan. Our team is leveraging data and incorporating valuable feedback from teachers to implement the program in the upcoming school year. We aim to empower educators with the tools and strategies necessary to enhance students’ SAT readiness.  

The foundation of any successful educational initiative lies in data-driven decision-making. To design an effective SAT prep plan, Lana Learn is working closely with DCPS. We are obtaining data from previous SAT results, enrollment figures, attendance, and academic performance. In addition, we analyze this data to identify specific areas where students may require additional support. This enables us to tailor our professional development efforts accordingly.

Our collaboration with DC Public Schools places a strong emphasis on gathering insights and perspectives from the educators who work tirelessly to support their students’ growth. Teachers possess invaluable knowledge and firsthand experiences that can shape effective instruction. Therefore, we actively seek input from teachers to better understand the challenges they face and the strategies they find most impactful. We do this through conducting teacher surveys and holding one-on-one discussions. This collaborative approach ensures that our professional development plan aligns with the realities of the classroom. We aim to it relevant and practical for teachers and students alike. 

Collaboration, data analysis, and teacher feedback are at the heart of our SAT prep professional development plan for DC Public Schools. By harnessing the power of these key elements, we are committed to providing teachers with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to guide their students towards SAT success. Through this transformative collaboration, we are paving the way for increased college readiness, improved academic outcomes, and brighter futures for students across the district. 

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