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Test Prep Professional Development at Thurgood Marshall Academy

Lana Learn provides teachers at Thurgood Marshall Academy with test prep professional development trainings to further student success.

Lana Learn recently wrapped up an SAT professional development program at Thurgood Marshall Academy (TMA). Seven English, math, and science teachers participated in an in-person training spread across two days in early February. Then, we held a virtual follow-up training in early March to discuss the positives and challenges of the ongoing program. These test prep professional development trainings play an integral part in teachers contributing to their students’ success.

We provided the TMA teachers with a comprehensive overview of the SAT. The training included targeted instruction on core-content areas and key skills, such as reading comprehension and math problem-solving.

Throughout the program, the teachers learned how to effectively integrate SAT prep into their classroom instruction, with a focus on individualized support. They also received access to a wealth of resources and materials, including practice tests, study guides, and lesson plans. All of these resources are designed to help them support their students’ academic success.

By the end of the program, teachers are equipped with the knowledge and confidence needed to help their students achieve their best possible scores on the SAT. This sets them up for success in college and beyond. 

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