Vietnam Student Score Improvement

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Student Test Score Improvement

Mid-term American Language Course exams show major student test score improvement.

This month, the Lana Learn team in Vietnam has seen impressive test results from the officers at Unit 871. This student test score improvement is a good indication for the instructors, as well as program funders, of which students will be eligible for follow-on training at the Defense Language Institute English Language Course (DLIELC) in San Antonio, Texas.

In accordance with the American Language Course (ALC) curriculum, students take biweekly book quizzes. These quizzes give instructors data that is crucial in helping them make any necessary course adjustments to ensure student test score improvement. Previous adjustments have included the implementation of digital resources, the use of supplementary materials, and additional one-on-one tutoring for students.

All three instructors have seen a tremendous increase in their students’ biweekly book quiz scores. The average increase across all classes was 18% from the first book quiz to the most recent one.

Additionally, the students just completed their mid-term American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT). The US Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) in Hanoi takes note of students who receive a minimum score of 55. This group of students is seen as eligible for follow-on training which gives them the opportunity to study English for their specific military career field.

Overall, the instructors are extremely happy with their students’ test scores. The two lower level classes boast percentage increases in the hundreds – no small task for beginner-level English language learners. This course marks the first significant English training many of these students have received. In addition to teaching the course content, the instructors have to spend time coaching the students on test-taking strategies. In order to do well, the students must use these test-taking strategies alongside their course knowledge.

Especially notable is a student who has been attending individual tutoring sessions. He has seen a 20% increase in his book quiz scores and a 3400% increase in his ALCPT scores. The instructors noticed that he was struggling with the basics of English, so they set aside time for him to get one-on-one tutoring, which has helped his English comprehension immensely.

The instructors are all grateful to the students for the hard work and dedication they bring to the program. We are excited to see how much the students will progress in the second half of the semester!

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