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Student progress shows through quarterly HIT reporting

Lana’s HIT program quarterly report gives the team a chance to reflect on student progress throughout the year.

Lana’s High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program in Washington, DC is in full swing and fully operational at each of our four partner high schools. We are serving students at H.D. Woodson High School, Theodore Roosevelt High School, Thurgood Marshall Academy, and IDEA Public Charter School (PCS). This month, we are submitting our quarterly data report to our funder, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). These reports give us the opportunity to reflect on and analyze student progress. Additionally, the OSSE HIT team conducted their first site visit to one of our partner schools – Roosevelt High School. We welcomed the chance to show them the impact our HIT coaches are having on students. It has been a month of evaluating and highlighting program success while also integrating student feedback into our future programming.

Cohort 2 Success

The Lana team spent January wrapping up the second cohort of the HIT program students. This group finished out strong with the attendance rate at IDEA PCS jumping from 77% to 91% by the end of the semester. This demonstrates an 18% percentage increase in attendance over the course of a semester. We also exhibited significant improvements in student grades at Roosevelt High School. 100% of program participants raised their grade in their program subject. Additionally, 100% of program participants improved their standardized writing test scores. Finally, at TMA, we received exceptional feedback from school staff and students. 

Cohort 3 Attendance

Once we wrapped up with the second cohort of students in January, we shifted our focus to the students in our third, and final, cohort. While we are starting to see grades improve slowly at TMA, it is generally too soon to see the impact that tutoring is having on academics. However, we are seeing promising attendance progress. One student that works with Jenna at Roosevelt High School has shown vast improvements in attendance as noted by her teachers. This student even shared that she makes sure to attend classes on the days that she has HIT sessions with Jenna. On the other hand, attendance at IDEA has dropped slightly from 91% to 87% this quarter. Similarly, it dropped slightly at TMA from 88% to 86%. However, at Roosevelt and Woodson attendance has slightly increased with Cohort 3 to 70% and 100%, respectively.

We are lucky to have had the opportunity to show the above progress to OSSE members firsthand. Alethia Hinds, OSSE’s HIT Analyst, and Sam Angileri, OSSE’s HIT and Recovery Fellow, stopped by our program at Roosevelt High School to watch Academic Coach Jenna Sagan in action. After observing a session and taking pictures for their social media page, Alethia and Sam interviewed a couple of the student participants. The students were eager to share their positive experiences with Jenna! We look forward to continuing to have a positive impact on students and adjusting our programming to better serve them.

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