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Student feedback survey highlights exceptional HIT programming

A student feedback survey demonstrates Lana’s positive impact on students through it’s High-Impact Tutoring program.

Lana Learn’s High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program in Washington, DC concluded its second cohort of students at the end of January. As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing our programs, we invited students to share their feedback through a brief student feedback survey. This invaluable input helps us understand what aspects of HIT students appreciate and where we can make further improvements. While we’re still collecting and reviewing responses, the initial feedback underscores the positive impact of HIT on students and the meaningful connections formed between our academic coaches and their students. 

The survey illuminates the strength of the relationships between students and tutors. Impressively, all 17 students who participated in the survey described their tutors as extremely or quite caring. Additionally, 88% of respondents expressed that their relationship with their tutor is extremely or quite positive. This positive feedback highlights the significance of fostering strong relationships. We recognize the profound influence such connections have on student engagement and success. 

Moreover, the survey revealed a notable increase in student confidence alongside the development of these relationships. Nearly all students reported that their tutors made it easier for them to grasp class material during coaching sessions. Only one student expressed uncertainty about improving their grades through tutoring. This boost in confidence is crucial, particularly for students who may struggle or feel discouraged academically. Witnessing the positive impact of tutoring sessions on students’ self-assurance is rewarding. 

Furthermore, the survey indicated that students thoroughly enjoy their sessions with their Academic Coach. 94% expressed either enjoying their sessions quite a bit or a lot. We aim to make these sessions not only educational but also enjoyable, fostering a positive attitude towards learning and promoting consistent attendance. 

Students from Theodore Roosevelt High School shared additional feedback, highlighting the support they receive from their tutors. One student remarked, “My experience with my tutor is the best. She understands me so much, she knows when I’m down and when I’m sad.” Another emphasized their tutor’s ability to clarify lesson material, stating, “…my tutor will always make me understand what I need to know about the lesson.” Similarly, a student from IDEA Public Charter School praised their tutor’s dedication. They described them as “a great tutor and a great person” who genuinely cares about improving students’ academic performance. 

As we transition into working with the third cohort, we remain committed to cultivating strong relationships with students and instilling confidence in their academic abilities. The positive feedback and personal anecdotes from students reaffirm the value of our approach and inspire us to continue striving for excellence in educational support. 

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