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Dedicated academic coaches drive HIT program success

Lana’s team of dedicated academic coaches have made a notable impact on students’ attendance, grades, and overall learning experience.

Lana Learn concluded sessions with its second cohort of High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) students this January. Lana’s team of dedicated academic coaches began working with these students back in the fall semester, and they are sad to bid them farewell. However, they look forward to welcoming the third, and final, cohort of students in February. Coaches applied the lessons they learned from the first semester of the HIT program to ensure a smooth second semester. Looking back on this previous cadre of students, our coaches saw notable progress across all four of our partner schools: Theodore Roosevelt High School, IDEA Public Charter School, Thurgood Marshall Academy, and H.D. Woodson STEM High School.

Student attendance progress

One area in which we have seen the most progress is attendance, specifically at our charter schools. At IDEA Public Charter School, we saw a 77.4% attendance rate during the second quarter of our first cohort of students. This number increased to a 91% attendance rate with our second cohort of students at IDEA. We are thrilled to see this significant jump and credit it to the hard work that Academic Coach Stedman Allen puts into building relationships with his students. He starts each HIT session with a well-being pulse check and embeds social and emotional learning (SEL) activities into his lessons. Due to Mr. Allen’s compassion and empathy, he has enhanced students’ academic performance and overall learning experience.

Student grade progress

Additionally, we have seen student grades at Roosevelt High School improve throughout the semester. Of the 18 students that Academic Coach Jenna Sagan has worked with, 17 students have kept their grades consistently at a C or above or increased their grade. This 94% rate of consistency or improvement is due to Jenna’s efforts in identifying and filling gaps in student support at Roosevelt.

Furthermore, we have seen satisfaction with the HIT program reach a high at Thurgood Marshall Academy (TMA). The school administration has been quick to share their praises for our Academic Coach Toju Omatete. They have impressed to us just how impactful the programming has been on students. One student came into the program with less than a 1.0 grade point average (GPA). This past semester, the same student received a 2.8 GPA. Across the board, school staff have made similar observations, remarking, “The students love the tutoring! Toju is great!”

We are extremely lucky to have a strong team of academic coaches who are dedicated to making a difference. They have committed to building strong relationships with students and being a positive addition to their assigned schools’ ecosystems. Program-wide, we have seen attendance increase from 72% to 84% over the course of a semester. Furthermore, the feeling of satisfaction with the HIT program is overarching across all four partner schools. We are excited to bring lessons learned into our final cohort of HIT students this spring. 

Mr. Omatete in his office at Thurgood Marshall Academy.
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