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Student attendance and grades progress as final exams approach in Washington, DC

Lana’s HIT academic coaches see positive trends in student attendance and grades as they prepare their students for upcoming state exams.

As Washington, DC high schools are reaching the end of the school year, Lana’s High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) academic coaches are focusing on preparing students for state exams. Mr. Stedman Allen, the academic coach at IDEA Public Charter School, continues to hold a safe space for students. He cultivated a learning environment that promotes meeting students where they are. Additionally, he provides support beyond the classroom, establishes classroom culture, and holds gratitude for genuine connections. This third cohort of HIT programming includes 25 students who are continuing to make great strides in both attendance and grades leading up to the DC CAPE exams.

Mr. Allen continues to empower, support, and influence his students. He laid the groundwork early on in the semester to set his students up for academic and personal success. His motto for HIT sessions has been, “When you take the time to not leave any stone unturned, that’s where excellence takes place.” This is evident in his students’ results. In the third quarter, his cohort has seen exceptional attendance rates with 86% program attendance. Additionally, 76% of his students passed the third quarter with a letter grade of C or higher.

To not leave anyone behind you must become a problem solver! When you are faced with challenges, you’ve to do your very best to adapt and adjust on the fly as a leader.

Stedman Allen

For the last eight months, Mr. Allen has focused on fostering positive relationships with his students. This included meeting his students on the basketball court to share his eleven plus years of basketball experience with them. This type of genuine relationship bulding promotes a sense of trust and care between a tutor and students. His students have repaid him in their hard work and dedication to their own academic improvement. The positive trends in both student attendance and class grades are prime examples of not leaving any stone unturned.

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