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Going beyond the classroom achieves academic success

Lana’s HIT coaches are going beyond the classroom to provide their students with support and build trusting relationships.

One of Lana’s High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program goals is to create a safe space for students and meeting them where they are. At IDEA Public Charter School, this means going beyond the classroom, and it’s been the driving force of success for the current cohort of students. This semester, the group of 25 students have made great strides in meeting their attendance and academic goals. Their academic coach, Mr. Stedman Allen, has made an immense effort to connect with students beyond the classroom. This has resulted in student comfortability in asking for help with their coursework.

Mr. Allen has continued to empower, support, and influence Cohort 3 with his unwavering education foundation. This groundwork consists of forming organic relationships and motivating students utilizing shared interests. Mr. Allen continuously believes that, “You must meet students where they are means also empowering them in their own interests.

Participants understand the objective, or DNA as Mr. Allen likes to refer to it, of the HIT program at IDEA PCS. This DNA consists of the following:

  • Putting forth their best efforts in the classroom and HIT sessions
  • Having a clear understanding of their coursework
  • Showing up and actively engaging

These expectations are only possible by reaching students outside the school doors, and Mr. Allen’s students are a testament to the success of this mindset. From January to March, his students’ attendance rates were 87%. Additionally, 84% of his students received a letter grade of a C or better in English language arts (ELA).

In order to get the best out of an individual, you must meet them where they are, and meeting them where they are consists of understanding their personal interests and forming a relationship through that.

Stedman Allen

Working outside the classroom

For the last seven months, Mr. Allen has been intentional about fostering a positive relationship with students. He firmly believes that, “To give your absolute best inside the classroom, you must begin the work outside the classroom!” For example, he meets with students outside of school to work on their basketball aspirations. Mr. Allen brings eleven plus years of collegiate basketball experience to the HIT Program. With this wealth of knowledge, he’s been able to train students on the weekend and during their gym periods. This tactic has enhanced the participants’ trust and comfortability with him. This approach has led to 80% of Cohort 3 passing the third quarter with a C letter grade or better. His students have invested fully because their coach has. It’s obvious to see that education is a two-way street.

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