Paul Public Charter School

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SAT Professional Development at Paul Public Charter School

The Lana Learn team is providing SAT professional development trainings and support to Paul Public Charter School in Washington, DC.

Last fall, Lana Learn provided a two-day SAT professional development training for three teachers at Paul Public Charter School. After the training, Lana Learn academic coach, Lashanah, scheduled 1:1 follow-up meetings. She gave them additional, individualized instruction and the opportunity ask questions about teaching SAT prep. Teachers have until the end of the school year to take advantage of these meetings.

This personalized 1:1 approach to SAT professional development is tailored to meet the individual needs of each educator. We designed the program to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to support their students in preparing for the SAT exam. Through personalized coaching, teachers will receive expert guidance on how to analyze test results. Then, they can identify areas for improvement and implement effective teaching strategies. This strategy helps students achieve their best possible scores.  

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