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Personalized Program Support at Washington Latin Public Charter School

Lana Learn provides personalized program support throughout the duration of active partnerships to ensure student and teacher success.

The Lana Learn team finds that providing personalized program support is an integral part of its partnerships since each program and partner are unique and require varying degrees of support. Lana Learn sets itself apart from other organizations doing similar work in the community by figuring out that unique degree of support. Particular attention is given to the schol climate and community to create programs that complement their specific environments. This approach leads to both student and teacher success.

This month we began an SAT prep program at Washington Latin Public Charter School. Washington Latin is a unique school with high-achieving students. Our partnership with Washington Latin is longstanding and strong, which has provided us with an encompassing knowledge of what the students at this school require to be successful. 

For the next 5 weeks, we will be carrying out the Lana Learn SAT prep program which will include two practice exams held before and during the program. Collecting these results before and throughout the program will allow us to capture the data necessary to personalize our in-classroom approach and meet students where they need the most help. 

Class sizes at Washington Latin are small, with no more than 6 students per section. These small classes allow our instructors to connect with each individual student to help them achieve their academic goals. We look forward to seeing how our personalized, data-driven approach drives student results at Washington Latin Public Charter School.

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