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Partner school site visits ensure increased impact for students

Lana’s High-Impact Tutoring program manager conducts regular partner school site visits to ensure a smooth transition for tutors.

October has been a busy month for our new Academic Coaches as they adjust to our High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) programming. We are lucky to have fostered strong relationships with our partner schools in Washington, DC since our HIT kickoff in February. This has led to school staff welcoming our coaches with enthusiasm. To ensure a smooth staffing transition, our program manager, Maya, has been conducting partner school site visits.

Our schools are constantly evolving, and their needs change based on the challenges that they face. To truly comprehend and address these needs, regular school site visits are a crucial component of ensuring that programing is adaptive and innovative. Site visits allow for continuous relationship building, an understanding of the context in which we are operating, and close monitoring of program progress and impact. We have been working with four partner schools: IDEA Public Charter School, Theodore Roosevelt High School, H.D. Woodson STEM High School, and Thurgood Marshall Academy. Below I will detail what we achieve through regular visits to these schools. 

Relationship Building 

Establishing and nurturing relationships with teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders is essential. By visiting schools regularly, I can build trust and rapport with educators. This leads to more productive collaborations and open channels for feedback. These relationships can be instrumental in fostering a positive, supportive, and collaborative working environment. 

Understanding the Context 

Visiting school sites regularly allows me to gain a deep understanding of the specific context in which our programs operate. This knowledge is invaluable for making informed decisions and tailoring the programs to meet the schools’ needs. Furthermore, we can ensure our ability to adapt strategies to suit the ever-changing educational landscape. 

Monitoring Progress and Impact 

Finally, site visits also allow me the opportunity to monitor the progress and impact of our work. I can see how our programs are evolving, track improvements, and measure success. This helps in demonstrating accountability to all stakeholders, as well as making data-driven decisions for the future of the program. 

At Lana Learn we are fully committed to executing our programs to the best of our ability. Regular visits to schools allow us to follow through on this task and ultimately lead to more effective and responsive programming.  

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