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Overseas program manager provides valuable feedback for English Language Training program

The Lana Learn team in Vietnam gained valuable feedback from our overseas program manager during an oversight visit to Hanoi.

This January, the Lana Learn team in Vietnam welcomed the both the new year and our English Language Training (ELT) overseas program manager. Lon Jackson traveled from the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) in San Antonio, Texas to meet with our team. The purpose of his visit was to assess the nonresident ELT program implementation at military base Unit 871 in Hanoi. We were able to provide Mr. Jackson with insight into our team’s responsibilities, classroom instruction, curriculum implementation, and general programming.

Site Visit Benefits

These oversight visits are valuable because they help us assess the quality and impact of the program. Additionally, they provide useful data on whether the program is meeting its objectives and ensure that we are following DLIELC guidelines. Mr. Jackson was able to observe each of our three classes as well as a session in the language lab.

Classroom observations are essential for government-funded educational programs because they give instructors valuable feedback on performance and identify areas for improvement. During a feedback meeting, he provided the instructors with useful tips on how to better support the students. Mr. Jackson has worked at DLIELC for 16 years, five years as an instructor and four years as a supervisor before entering into nonresident program management, so our team welcomed his advice.

Sharing Cultures

Because of the international nature of DLIELC, understanding other cultures is vital. Due to this, our team made sure to show Lon a bit of our “backyard” here in Hanoi. We took him to some of the historical sites such as the Hoa Lo Prison, B-52 Lake, and the Hanoi Opera House. The team accompanied him to a performance at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, and what visit to Hanoi would be complete without an extensive Vietnamese food tour?

We are grateful for the opportunity to have hosted Mr. Jackson and gain invaluable feedback. We look forward to engaging in more collaborative efforts with DLIELC in the future. Our cooperation with our partners drives the success of this ELT program and its students.

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