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Lana Unveiled: Another Approach to Achievement

Lana Learn founder, Tina Tran Neville, gives her perspective on one of Lana’s core values, Achievement, and how it pushes the boundaries for our organization, customers, and the education industry.

In May, we shared Lana’s core values of L – Leadership, A – Achievement, N – Novelty, and A – Accountability. Last month, we discussed the “L” in LANA reflecting our core value of Leadership. This month, we delve into the first “A” in LANA for, which stands for Achievement. Achievement recognizes that long-term thinking and determination transforms contributions into meaningful results.

⭐A – Achievement

In our organization, Achievement is more than a buzzword; it’s a concrete objective. Every team member understands that perseverance and long-term strategy turn efforts into measurable results. We’re not merely co-workers, as we recognize that each person’s individual contribution helps LANA “achieve” greater impact and scale.

For our customers, Achievement is more than a goal; it’s our promise. We track and analyze data to impact customers’ Long-Term Value (LTV) and Return on Investment (ROI). Our commitment doesn’t stop at ensuring our customers’ success; we’re also deeply invested in each learner’s individual success story. 

In the education and training industry, our aim is to exceed, not just meet the standards. To us, Achievement means setting new benchmarks and pushing boundaries. Our goal goes beyond excellence. We’re focused on driving significant, data-driven changes and leveraging technology trends to maximize impact for our students and customers.

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